Nearly 1000 reports of human trafficking in the valeting industry were reported in 2019 so far.

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"Three months non stop work for £300" SAYS STEPHEN

– Stefan is not his real name. He was rescued by anti-Slavery charity, the Medaille Trust after being exploited for months on end. 

– Those who quit are threatened with violence and deportation.

Your £5 car wash has a major price. Modern slave wages account for 1000’s of unauthorised roadside operations.

Handl partners to offer approved locations where you can be assured regulations and salaries are met! Check out our work at Aberdeen Airport.

Pop up car washes wreck drains & cause irrepressible damage to the environment with their chemical waste. Often illegal & hosts to terrible conditions.

Choosing an approved provider and prioritising ethical businesses benefits more than just your conscious. 

Enjoy premium quality services at sustainable pricing. We only work with companies who treat their staff with value.

Remember, if you see somebody you believe may be in danger, report the site to your local authority for investigation. 


Check out the Clewer Initiative, Church of England and BBC reports below and look our for the "Powered by Handl" seal at your next car wash.