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Fog, rain, hail all affect how well we drive. An unexpected downpour can easily catch drivers out and are out of the boundaries of our control. Fortunately, with the changing of the season, there is less fear of snow to affect our driving ability, but that does not mean clear sailing…or driving. While the weather is not in our jurisdiction, failing to keep our windscreen clear definitely is. Even dirt sprays or bird poo is a problem which is not solely an aesthetics issue; it is a moving hazard.

Alas, help is at hand. To mitigate the likelihood of an accident here are a two simple steps concerning vehicle maintenance which are easy to follow. Slippery road surfaces mean all your tyres need to be in good condition without signs of wear and fully pumped, with a tread depth of 3mm. Wipers and washers are needed more frequently so ensure the washer is topped-up and the wipers are working and without damage. The ruling powers that be recommend to check your vehicle once a week.

Now once a week may be more of a commitment than you can handle, I mean most of use barely stick to date-night Fridays as it is. But failing to do so can be putting yourself, your loved ones and other car users at risk. Realising you forgot to do your weekly check as drive down the M11 to work in fog is too late. By setting up a regular service with Handl, it can be once less thing in your week to think of. We can maintain your tyres and check fill the washer to avoid the aforementioned problems. But let’s not stop there, let us do your Adblue and oil management at the same time. Mix in a valet and your car is good-as-new. And if you do realise you forgot your weekly service on the way to work, then we will come to your office and do it for you then, without interrupting your important pitch or well-deserved lunch break.

We Handl it, so you don’t have to.

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