Is it Getting Hot in Here?

Winter is over!

For those who need a quick reminder on best practices for car maintenance, let me explain why we need to change our oil. And it’s more important that you think.

Getting Started…

Let’s start with what it is; an oil change involves the removal of old oil from the engine and swapping it with new oil. Pretty simple so far, right? Now, this should be done every 6 months as a guiding figure. Maybe you’ve already forgotten to do yours biannually, don’t blame yourself most of us have forgotten too. However, it should be more frequent if you regularly drive at high speeds (on the motorway I hope), have an older engine or model, or live in place with extremes of the weather. But forgetting to do this does have quite extreme consequences.

Info on oil use.

Lubricant. Oil acts as a lubricant for all the moving internal parts of your car, and there is lots of them. This action generates heat through the friction, so keeping the right amount and replacing the oil will reduce the amount of friction, which in turn stops your engine overheating. Don’t underestimate the intricacy of your vehicle, there are on average 10,000 moving parts to a standard car’s engine. Furthermore, poor engine lubrication results in increased fuel consumption, which is costing you weekly. Nobody likes to spend more on fuel, especially with the price increases. Secondly, like most things, in time oil breaks down. During this process, often the oil is polluted with dirt. By changing the oil this removes any decomposition. Dirt causes the decrease of the lifespan of your engine, so it is indeed cost-efficient to replace the oil frequently, rather than replacing the engine.

Now, we all have hundreds of things going on in our lives too. Ballet recitals to attend, morning work meetings to present in, next week’s dry-cleaning to drop off and then also collect at some point, don’t forget the dinner with the in-laws. It is a lot, too much even, let alone having to worry about your engine overheating. Take the weight off your shoulders, and schedule your oil change. Handl does it for you, book in the time and place and we come to you, so you don’t have to worry about it. With the aforementioned reasons, getting a subscription means we are the ones tasked with remembering, not you. Save money by not having to replace your engine, and get it done regularly. Hassle free. We Handl it, you get on with life.

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