Importance of being vigilant

Whether it’s on your conservatory or your coat as you walk into an interview, there is nothing more annoying than walking back to your car in the parking space to find an array of bird poo on your paint job. We have all mistakenly parked under a canopy either in a rush for the commuter train or in a false hope to utilise the shade to prevent the interior becoming steam-room hot. None of us have been left unscathed. Unfortunately, and especially for your car, this debacle is more than a simple irritant. Left uncleaned- which is never a pleasant job- the acid can erode the body work and unwittingly deliver a hefty fee for when you have to redo the whole exterior. Alas, how can one avoid this calamity?

Regularly cleaning and polishing your vehicle, will not only show-up your neighbours, but prevent an exorbitant fee when the Services Department of the car dealership get hold of you. However, the longer the droppings are left the worse the problem will be, so time is of the essence. As soon as you notice your parking-position mistake, clean the bird poo at the next available opportunity. Now I appreciate the irritating nature of the task that awaits you, but be assured help it as hand. By pre-booking your regular exterior valets with Handl, you never have to get your hands dirty again. It’s simple. Book in a valet and enter the desired location and time. You can stay in the office, or go do your shopping or how about enjoy your family Sunday lunch at home, in the comforting knowledge that any avian visits to your vehicle are being dutifully looked after. You can’t control the birds, but you can ensure no paint damage by leaving it to us. Our experienced team will not disappoint.

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